Doubloon Villa Deposit and Cancellation

Please provide us with your name, address and telephone number for our records, thanks.

A 50% deposit will be required to hold the reservation. Your reservation is not fully confirmed until this deposit is received. We will hold your dates for seven days while you arrange for payment of the deposit. If the deposit isn’t received within this time, then we will assume that you no longer wish to book and the dates will become available once more to other guests.

The balance is due 60 days prior to the arrival date. If balance due is not received 60 days prior to arrival your reservation will no longer be secured and the villa has the right to rent out the property for the dates you reserved.

All cancellations must be made in writing.  The deposit and balance are only refundable if we are able to fill your dates with another reservation. You will then receive a full refund, minus an administrative fee of $100 US.

Deposit and balance payments can be paid in two ways, either by Master Card or Visa (which incurs a 5% service charge levied by the Jamaican bank) or by international bank transfer.  Once you make your reservation just let us know which payment method you would prefer and we will send you the appropriate details.


We will contact you about a week or two ahead of your arrival date to find out your food/beverage request and restrictions. We will pass on the information to the housekeeper who will purchase the items ahead of your arrival. After your arrival at the villa you may reimburse the housekeeper for the cost of the food. Receipts will be provided for all purchases made on your behalf.

Typical meals are brown stewed, fried or jerk chicken; escovich (fried fish with a spicy vinegar soaked onions, scotch bonnet peppers and carrots laid over the top of the fish), brown stewed or steamed fish; curried goat (Jamaica’s national dish); garlic, curried or grilled lobster; coconut shrimp; pepper steak; jerk, stewed pork, etc. We cannot always get all fruits and vegetables as it will depend on what is in season.  If the sea is particularly rough we may not be able to get fish and lobster.

Breakfasts usually consist of a variety of egg dishes, pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon, etc.  We can also serve typical Jamaican breakfast food like ackee (with or without saltfish), callaloo omlettes, fried plantain, johnny cakes (fried dumplings), boiled green bananas, etc.
The more flexible you are with the menu by just giving us a general idea of what you like and don’t like the more you will be able to taste the cooks’ specialties.  For example, you like or don’t like spicy food, you don’t eat cheese, allergic to nuts.

We have estimated that on average, it will cost $200 US per week per person for food only and does not include estimated costs for liquor. Please note this estimate is dependent on how often you want to eat lobster, shrimp, etc. as these food items are more expensive.
On average the cost for a 6 pack of beer is roughly $7.00 US and a bottle of rum, vodka, gin, etc. is around $12.00 US. As the food cost is separate from spirits and beer, please add the necessary amount for the required amount of beer and or spirits.


Treasure Tours can arrange transportation for you from the airport to Treasure Beach.
The cost for a one way transfer from the airport in Montego Bay is $140 US for 1-3 people with an additional $20 US for each additional person. The cost for the return trip to Montego Bay is $135 US for 1-3 people and $20 US for each additional person.
The cost for a one way transfer from the airport in Kingston is $210 US for 1-3 people with an additional $20 US for each additional person.  The cost for the return trip to Kingston is $205 US for 1-3 people and $20 US for each additional person.
Payment is to be made to the driver at the end of the transfer via cash.
Arrangements can be made if you would like to pay via credit card.  Just let us know in advance.  A 5% service charge will be added to all credit card payments.

To schedule your transportation, we will need to know, your flight name, flight number, and the exact arrival time.
For return transportation we will need to know your departure time.
Upon receiving your flight details I will provide you with information on where to meet your driver.


10% to 15% of the cost of the accommodations divided among the staff is the recommended gratuity.  However, gratuity should always be based on the quality of service given. When dividing the gratuity among the staff we suggest 75% of the gratuity go to the housekeeper(s)/cook(s) and 25% go to the caretaker(s).  We also recommend you give the gratuity to each staff member separately.


Food, gratuity and transportation may be paid via cash US or Jamaican dollars. Whichever, is more convenient for you. If you are going to pay via Jamaican dollars then the exchange rate of the day would apply.

Payment for food, gratuity and transportation may also be done via credit card (Visa & MasterCard). A 5% service charge will be added for all credit card transaction.
If you wish to pay via credit card you may call our office and we will organize payment.

Treasure Tours is a booking agent only.  Treasure Tours is in no way responsible for and, therefore, cannot be held liable for injury, damages or loss of property incurred while staying at any accommodation or while on a tour or airport transfer.

This policy may be amended for holidays and special events.